Company Mission...

  Hoheisel Painting, Inc. is dedicated to providing the finest application of paints and coatings on every project. Utilizing cost efficient practices our prices shall remain extremely competitive. We will sufficiently staff and manage craftsmen to complete projects in a timely manner. Our behavior and actions shall always be conducted in a professional and business like manner. We strive to exceed what is expected of us. Our customer's complete and total satisfaction is our goal.

  We pledge to offer our employees a secure and safe work environment. We will facilitate and encourage them to become stronger leaders. Teamwork and responsibility will be sought out and rewarded. We shall seize every opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge. They are encouraged to show us better and more cost efficient methods that benefit all. Our success is dependant on the talent, hard work, and leadership of all our employees.

  We recognize the role our vendors play in our success. We will hear and evaluate the recommendations and proposals of all qualified vendors. Quality, simplicity, service, safety, and cost effectiveness are the criteria and value we place on all products we use. Our vendors can expect us to act with confidentiality, loyalty, and fairness in all of our dealings.

  The community where we work and live is very important to us. We are stewards to the environment. We utilize environmentally friendly products whenever possible. We will conduct our actions and statements to the community with sincerity and honesty.